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Part-time Malaysians need not apply

Accessories shop at Serangoon Nex. (Me, 22 Sept 2012)

Part-time Malaysians like my Dad need not apply.

Such are the hiring practices of Singaporean employers.

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Threatening skies and eerie white wood at Yishun Park

Yishun Park. (Me, 2012)

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An unfortunately named landmark

Street sign for local Christian church. (Me, 15 Aug 2012)

*Kay poh is Singlish for ‘nosy’ or ‘a busybody’.

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Yes, Yishun

Who dares say “Ugh, Yishun”?

On the way to Northpoint. (Me, 10 June 2012)


Outside the CK Department Store at 8-plus. (Me, 15 June 2012)

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