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Awkwafina – “Yellow Ranger”

This appeals to my inner 90’s kid majorly.


The Baddest Female does great but could do better

My sister Elva is a huge fan of the Korean girl group 2NE1. So she was appropriately excited when the leader and rapper of the group, CL, released her latest track The Baddest Female (나쁜 기집애), her first solo single in over five years.

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A most wonderful soundtrack

I was taking a bus down to IKEA Alexandra, when somewhere after Farrer Park MRT station an old man got on.

Upon sitting down, he immediately broke out into song.

A few of the passengers stared. One of them winced. Another simply put on his earphones.

I took mine off. I was raptured.

He sang Teresa Teng’s 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart):


You ask me how deep my love for you is
How much I really love you
My affection does not waver
My love will not change
The moon represents my heart

His voice was loud and bright, and his rendition proud. He even mimicked the twang of a guitar.

He was unfettered. I hadn’t heard anyone sing like that in a long while.

As we passed through old Queenstown — and past a number of redevelopment sites — I thought, what a most wonderful soundtrack.

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‘Dark Side’ by Kelly Clarkson: A review

Dark Side isn’t particularly poetic. Lyrically it’s creative-writing-class standard at best.

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Countdown: The Snuggie™ version

Props to kkpalmer1000 who successfully recreates Beyonce’s “Countdown” music video shot-for-shot – in a Snuggie:

Never mind the less-than-glamorous outfit – because everytime I indulge in a bit of singing I sound like this:

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Adair Lion – “Ben”

Not the first pro-gay song nor the best, but still one of the most progressive

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When I forget to sync my iPod before a road trip…

Photograph, marker, blanco, and masking tape. (Me, 8 Jan 2012)

…I imagine the power lines above to be sheet music.

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