Watched a play called Hand to God, performed by the Singapore Repertory Theatre, last night. Written by Robert Askins, all hell breaks loose when an introverted teenage boy’s sock puppet comes alive. Featuring lots of swearing and human fucking and sock puppet fucking, the R18 black comedy has been described as “Sesame Street meets The Exorcist“, although I would also throw “Sympathy for the Devil” into the mix.

Some critics have called it a brutal reflection of life — but really, when isn’t art about life? — while others say it’s about repression. I agree with the latter, but I would go further to say that Hand to God especially is also an honest take on the role of, and the effectiveness, of faith during times of grief.

It touches upon the duality of human nature, both the divine and the demonic, although I didn’t feel like it was fully fleshed out. But admittedly that assessment might not be wholly justified as I’m not a theatre kid (I couldn’t really follow Les Mis despite reading its Wikipedia page beforehand) and I struggled for the first 15 minutes to catch up and make sense of the plot because I missed the first 10 minutes or so due to bad traffic.

Nevertheless, Hand to God is definitely worth your while if you love bawdy blue humour, poking fun at religiosity, and clever set designs (by Lee Yew Jin from Ctrl Fre@k).

Hand to God runs till 6 May; tickets available from Sistic.


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