E, my younger sister, has been desperate to re-contract her telco plan and get a brand-new handphone ever since she dropped her current phone in the loo in Canada.

But she had problems doing it online and works shifts, so she asked our mother to help her apply at one of Singtel’s brick-and-mortar shops.

And because shit rolls downhill, my mum dragged me along to Ang Mo Kio Hub — and I’ve been sitting here at Singtel, away from my desk, since 3 o’clock.

We have several overlapping plans with Singtel, so understandably it’s taken longer than usual. But my mum isn’t exactly the most patient, and she tends to ask the same questions over and over again.

Thankfully the salesman who’s serving us is professional and polite. Which made Mum remark, bless her heart, Wah, you quite patient, ha?

(awkward laugh) Have to, ma’am.

(inwardly) Don’t push it hor, Ma…

Fingers crossed we get out of here within the next half hour. I’ve only had brunch today, and my sugar and patience levels are starting to wear low…


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