To explain some of Kim Huat’s criticisms:

  1. Although ethnic Chinese people make up the majority of the local resident population (over 70%), Singaporean culture is not Chinese culture. Malay and Javanese culture also feature significantly in local culture. Singlish is a very clear example of how Singapore isn’t just some homogeneous Chinese society. We are very different from Mainland China, or even Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau for that matter.
  2. Really, most people speak Singlish one. Not Mandarin. Nope, not even by most Singaporean Chinese. Shocking, I know.
  3. Even the Mandarin dialogue in the show is Canto-nised, as though a Hong Kee is speaking Mandarin instead. In comparison to other Chinese communities, Singaporeans speak Mandarin with what I call “a neutral accent” (vs the thicker Beijing accent or the sing-song Peninsular Malaysian one, for example). And even if there was to be an accent, it would be a Hokkien beng one goddammit; the predominant Chinese dialect over here is Hokkien, not Cantonese.
  4. So many fucking red lanterns. Even Chinatown doesn’t have that many during Lunar New Year. You know where or who does? The home medium who stays on the ground level in the next block, that’s who — and he keeps all his red lanterns inside hor…



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