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Which is which?

Shit, I had one of those dreams again. Is it that time of the month? Or is it that time of the year again when I reminisce and wonder about what-ifs?


Me likey Bruno

I feel like Bruno’s the guy you said you’d never have sex with because he’s so corny, but you do.

Several times.

Well, at least my mum would approve of him. She liked it when he dedicated his Grammy Award to his mother, instead of his girlfriend:

“Why the girl make her face until like that? Mother always come first what. This shows he’s a good boy, that he loves his mother, has a kind heart…”

Really meh?

My neighbour, Mrs Chua, came over again and watched America’s Next Top Model with me for the first time in her life.

“Isn’t this supposed to be a reality show? No one cries this much in real life…”

Meet the Woke Misogynist

YES, to the article and Evan’s comment. I’ve encountered such guys before, and I was telling a girlfriend just recently how I personally found them to be more infuriating and disappointing than your run-of-the-mill misogynist.

But sexism is insidious. All of us (females included) are born into a patriarchal society and, by that extension, are programmed from the get-go to think and act likewise to varying degrees, even despite our best intentions and efforts.

I remain hopeful though. Because I also told my friend how a guy close to me made some anti-feminist remark but sincerely came round after some explaining and sharing on my part:

Many male feminists are genuine, even if they’re not perfect. They will try and sometimes fail on their way to enlightenment. We care about the men in our lives, so we are happy to explain what they’ve done wrong. We will gently chide our guy friends for objectifying their female lovers…

Of course, not every woke misogynist is so deeply hypocritical, and not every confrontation with one is pointless or icky. One woman, who I’ll call Maya, was stunned and skeeved out after a professional male feminist with heteroflexible vibes initiated unsolicited degrading BDSM scenes in bed. Later, she gave him a talking-to: “You really need to be careful with your behavior,” she told him, and he wholeheartedly agreed. He hadn’t known the protocol—Ask first!—and later made it his business to learn it. “It was a real wakeup call for him,” she said.

So, girls, stay alert. And guys, take notes. And I guess, slowly lah — and hopefully eventually — this whole feminism/equality business:


Awkwafina – “Yellow Ranger”

This appeals to my inner 90’s kid majorly.



Neighbour, pointing at my RSAF shorts:
You’re in the Air Force?

No, I’m not. I got these because they’re cheap. Plus, they come with 5 pockets. Swoon.

But you must be very sporty then.

Nope, just very cheap. I haven’t run any faster or broken any sound barriers since I bought these shorts…

年年有鱼 (Nian Nian You Yu)

I feel my eating Long John Silver’s at the polyclinic while I wait to see the doctor for my back ache is somehow metaphorical of my approach towards health and wellness…

*The title is a pun on a common Lunar New Year greeting in Mandarin (年年有余; also pronounced “nian nian you yu”), wishing the recipient abundance in his/her life every year.

Lorde greenlit for comeback

This is certainly a new sound for Lorde. It’s very much along the lines of Robyn’s tragic breakup dance track “Dancing on My Own“, with upbeat power piano chords over a throbbing, anxious drum beat. And I like it very much. If this first single is any indication, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of her sophomore album (due this coming June).