Review of True Blood S06E06: So many feels

Spoilers for “Don’t You Feel Me” ahead…

Hai:  Warlow saves Sookie.

Yay:  La La survives, thankfully. First, he is captured and tortured by vampires. Then he loses his cousin; has to make the agonising decision to make her a vampire — something which she’s never forgiven him for; and is possessed so many times by a rainbow-coloured Mexican demon and other ghosts, including a vengeful Marnie who killed his boyfriend Jesus — not to mention most recently that he becomes a sock puppet for Sookie’s well-meaning but dumb-as-rocks father.

Poor thing can’t catch a break.

La La is just *over* this shit.

Yay: Pam and Eric survive! Loyalty and love, hearts.

Wut…?: Their fight a la Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Choreographed by Sammo Hung

Boo: The wheelbarrow is not appropriate conflict management, Sam!

Boo: And Emma was in the next room!

Wut…?: A light knot? Are you sure? ‘Cos they didn’t teach me that in the Brownies…

Boo: Alcide, you’re acting uncharacteristically like a jerk.

Yay: Alcide, you’re still looking good. Yes, I know I am shallow…

Feelings: Andy gives his only surviving fae daughter four names — Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika Bellefleur — so that she will always remember her sisters.

Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika Bellefleur, member of the Excessively Long Names Club and associate of George Alexander Louis Windsor

Yay: Arts and crafts with La La! If only we were friends! The fun we’d have!

La La and his glue gun

Yay: Holly suggests that Arlene gets a vampire to glamour the PTSD out of Terry. Finally people! After how many episodes!

Yay: Eric in a cage. Mmm.

Yay: And the repartee between him and the Governor. “I detect a tone.”

Boo: Nora is infected with Hepatitis V.

Yay: Nora and Eric speaking Swedish.

Boo: Eric and Nora upset. I love this set of brother-sister-champions.

Wut…?: Lilith and her minions’ merkins.

Yay: Bill calling Lilith out on her shitty plan.

Yay: Sam gives Emma back to her gummy (I’ve never seen her teeth) grandma Martha. Good call.

Yay: Vampire Matt is so likeable. He even has kids. He’s so normal!

Yay: Terry at peace.

Feelings: Terry, sweet Terry asking Arlene to sit on his lap.


Wait…: I can’t help thinking that this is the calm before the storm… Did they inform Terry’s old Marine mate…? Did they? Oh no. No, no, no, pick up the phone, Arlene!

Boo: Willa. I know she’s still adjusting to her new life as a vampire, but she reminds me of those teenage girls who proclaim that their favourite book is Lolita and act all blase and as though everything is a contradiction.


Boo: Sarah Newlin forces Jessica to fuck vampire James in front of Jason. I do not like the rapey direction we’re going…

Yay: Vampire James. He valiantly refuses to have sex with Jessica. He also has a fantastic set of two eyes, one nose, one mouth.

Vampire knight James

Vampire knight James

Boo: Sarah orders the guards to shoot Vampire James with UV light. Don’t you dare hurt him you blonde keropok hair witch!

Wait…: No, Terry, please don’t go out to the back…

Boo-hoo: Noooooooo, Terry, nooooo! No. No. No. No. Nooooooo!


Wut…?: Interesting choice for the camera to fade to white. But whatever. I’m still upset.

Boo: Oh, Terry, sweet, dear, dear Terry. How they done you wrong.

Pro: Is that a statue of the Governor in his own backyard?


Boo: Bill rips off the Governor’s head. Dang, he was beginning to grow on me.


Wait…: Don’t rejoice yet. Bill may have ripped off the head, but not the beast’s heart; i.e. Sarah Newlin.

Yay: Eric in uniform.

Boo: Danger whoring. Ugh Sookie.

Wut…?: Warlow’s light-up fairy penis. Believe me, I love camp, but this? It’s verging on Twilight lah.

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