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Review of True Blood S06E06: So many feels

Spoilers for “Don’t You Feel Me” ahead…

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Word of the day: Antique


1. (adj) belonging to the distant past or ancient times

2. (adj.) showing signs of great age or wear

3. (adj.) old-fashion or outdated

3. (n.) a collectable object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its age and quality


Aunt:     Why do you keep these things, Ma? They are so old, they are antique!

Grandma:     But nowadays antiques have a lot of value, no?

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Ramadan: How can you not eat?

Being part Javanese and part Dayak, people occasionally question me about my ethnicity. But since it is Ramadan, I now elicit scandalous looks from pious makciks (older Malay women) whenever I eat lunch.

Saya bukan orang muslim lah makcik.

(I am not Muslim lah, aunty.)

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The Chinese translation of chapter 453 of Gintama has barely hit the internet* and already the Gintama fandom have struck:

Up next, Channel News Asia’s Tokyo correspondent reporting on the sudden spike in Pocari and Yakult sales.

Dr Minoru Shirota should be so proud.


*The English version should be up next week. Chinese subbers tend to be quicker than their English counterparts.

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Gintama Chapter 45-squee!

I am not a squealer, but Chapter 453 of Gintama — squee! Good ol’ ribald humour, Pocari and Yakult jokes, a  flashback to the Joui War, and an appearance by Takasugi.

Finally the Big Bad of Gintama shows his comedic side

Oh, Sorachi-sensei, you. A man after my own heart. Get the man a case of Pocari, won’t you.

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