Just the haze, not cataracts

When I woke up this morning, everything was tinged with grey.

Yishun, Singapore, 3:17pm

I must have wiped my spectacles a thousand times, before I realised that the haze was back.

Thanks, Sumatra, I thought I was developing cataracts.

Still I can’t breathe a sigh of relief. Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings have been steadily climbing since this morning, and finally hit 111 at 4PM, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Yishun, Singapore, 4:17pm. There are hardly any clouds in the sky today, but barely any sunlight’s been able to permeate through.

Readings above 100 are considered unhealthy. The public is advised against vigorous outdoor activity, especially for those with heart or respiratory ailments.

Although the NEA has already called on the Indonesian Ministry of Environment to “mitigate the transboundary haze occurrence”, conditions are expected to persist for the next few days.

Let’s hope the haze at least kills some of those dengue-carrying mozzies.

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