Bear in mind: BERING

Recently I’ve gotten to know a number of beauty bloggers. They must have rubbed off on me as I rarely review products — but here it is, of the BERING watch I won.

BERING 32039-449


Inspired by the beauty of the Arctic, BERING blends minimalist Danish design and functionality in this sleek timepiece.

The face is a carbon dial in a subtle basketweave pattern, overlaid with sapphire glass. The strap is an adjustable black stainless steel mesh, with an unusual three-prong clasp system that requires you to hook one end of the strap to a pin before snapping down the buckle and the actual clasp in place. It’s secure but slightly finicky and does require some getting used to.

BERING’s three-prong clasp system

The case is made from tough HighTech-Ceramic. Fine ceramic powder is pressed into a mould and then heated at 1600 degrees centigrade to achieve optimal material strength and a hardness the brand boasts that “only a diamond can exceed”. Once cooled, the case is sanded, shaped and finally hand-polished for a high-gloss finish. According to BERING,

High-quality materials such as HighTech-Ceramic and sapphire crystal, with their extreme scratch-resistance and strength, ensure that time leaves no trace.

Being both a klutz and cheeky by nature,  I decided to test their claim. I took a ballpoint pen, a metal ruler and a penknife to it, and the watch remained unscathed.

Nevertheless, the accompanying limited lifetime warranty is reassuring. And I doubt I’ll try — okay, I will try to resist the urge — to scratch my watch on purpose again. It’s the most expensive accessory or piece of clothing I’ve ever owned – siao ah.

Although Yvonne (my official stylist) says it’s suitable to wear to work, it’s a men’s watch and I think it looks less professional and more like sporty-casual on my small wrist. However, it does not feel hefty at all thanks to its slim design and lightweight materials.

Admittedly prior to winning their contest I hadn’t heard of BERING — the brand is only two-and-a-half years old — but I think it is reasonably priced for a dress watch, especially when other designs by Chanel and Rado (a pioneer in ceramic watches) can fetch over $1000.

It’s stylish and it does live up to its claims to durability. But more importantly, did I mention that it’s worth SGD450 — and that I won it?

Thanks BERING!

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