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The Baddest Female does great but could do better

My sister Elva is a huge fan of the Korean girl group 2NE1. So she was appropriately excited when the leader and rapper of the group, CL, released her latest track The Baddest Female (나쁜 기집애), her first solo single in over five years.

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Just the haze, not cataracts

When I woke up this morning, everything was tinged with grey.

Yishun, Singapore, 3:17pm

I must have wiped my spectacles a thousand times, before I realised that the haze was back.

Thanks, Sumatra, I thought I was developing cataracts.

Still I can’t breathe a sigh of relief. Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings have been steadily climbing since this morning, and finally hit 111 at 4PM, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Yishun, Singapore, 4:17pm. There are hardly any clouds in the sky today, but barely any sunlight’s been able to permeate through.

Readings above 100 are considered unhealthy. The public is advised against vigorous outdoor activity, especially for those with heart or respiratory ailments.

Although the NEA has already called on the Indonesian Ministry of Environment to “mitigate the transboundary haze occurrence”, conditions are expected to persist for the next few days.

Let’s hope the haze at least kills some of those dengue-carrying mozzies.

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Bear in mind: BERING

Recently I’ve gotten to know a number of beauty bloggers. They must have rubbed off on me as I rarely review products — but here it is, of the BERING watch I won.

BERING 32039-449


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What the fuck, JobCentral?

Whose idea was this? Is your CEO Mike Jeffries?



I was at the pool today when I overheard the two girls sunbathing next to me gossiping about a classmate.

Girl 1:    You got see the cold sores near her mouth or not?

Girl 2:   Oh my god, you mean…!

Girl 1:    Yeah, someone’s been having sex!

Girl 2:    Ha, she said she’ll never have sex before marriage!

Girl 1:    Dunno lah. But you think she got the cold sores from having sex ha?

Girl 2:    Dunno leh. Possible right…? But don’t you get herpes from oral sex?

Girl 1:    Yeah, I think so.

Girl 2:    But then Janine* is a lesbian leh – don’t you need a penis to catch herpes?

(*Name changed to protect privacy)

As titillating as their conversation was, I couldn’t help but shake my head again.

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Sweet triumph! Victoreeeee! I won a SGD450 BERING watch!

I am not an early bird. So despite my love for Egyptology, I groaned at the prospect of having to wake up early for the “Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb” exhibition at the ArtScience Museum on Saturday.

Coupled with the fact that I didn’t eat breakfast before leaving home, my ears rang and I could barely keep my eyes open. I was only able to string at most three words in a sentence.

Wait. Slow down. Relax. Rush for what? Eat first.

I was barely functioning. So it was a surprise that I even spotted the two ice sculptures before my friend Yvonne.

One of BERING’s ice towers. (Me, 8 June 2013)

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A most wonderful soundtrack

I was taking a bus down to IKEA Alexandra, when somewhere after Farrer Park MRT station an old man got on.

Upon sitting down, he immediately broke out into song.

A few of the passengers stared. One of them winced. Another simply put on his earphones.

I took mine off. I was raptured.

He sang Teresa Teng’s 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart):


You ask me how deep my love for you is
How much I really love you
My affection does not waver
My love will not change
The moon represents my heart

His voice was loud and bright, and his rendition proud. He even mimicked the twang of a guitar.

He was unfettered. I hadn’t heard anyone sing like that in a long while.

As we passed through old Queenstown — and past a number of redevelopment sites — I thought, what a most wonderful soundtrack.

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The Lord of the Rings, Singapore edition

In anticipation of tonight’s concert presentation of The Fellowship of the Ring by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, I present to you The Lord of the Rings, the Singapore edition:

Sensitively translated into Singaporean English, Kym Ng heroically re-creates J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantastical world of Middle Earth for Sec 4 literature students and twittering tweens.

Acclaim for LOTR – Singapore edition:

“An amazing feat… Ng is not just a remarkable Tolkien scholar – she is a keen local storyteller and folklorist.” — B.B. Chee, 65

“This one got ten year series or not?” — Chao Ma Ge, 16

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