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When I forget to sync my iPod before a road trip…

Photograph, marker, blanco, and masking tape. (Me, 8 Jan 2012)

…I imagine the power lines above to be sheet music.

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A balanced diet

Original drawing, 2012

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Moves like a drunk pigeon

Once again – for at least the seventh bloody time today – the radio plays Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”. It was released some 6 months ago, but remains a Top 40 favourite even in this new year. I still don’t get its appeal – am I the only one who thinks Mick Jagger moves like a drunk pigeon?


Go, grow Power Rangers

24 years old and still eating off my plastic Power Rangers plate.
Is this why I still haven’t gotten my big-girl boobs, God?

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Apologies to any theology students who visited this blog thinking that it’s a resource on the history of the King James version of the Bible. The byline is misleading.

But prithee, don’t be put off, said nameless faceless-yet-still-beardy (I imagine) theology student.

Yes, this is yet another wordy, self-indulgent, self-important blog. I might post whimsy photographs and drawings, wax lyrical about my favourite songs, vilify those that annoy me, rant and whinge and mope about, or maniacally defend the use of Singlish and argue against men wearing skinny jeans, or inflate my mere deeds to feats of superhuman strength and fortitude and acts of celestial benevolence.

But stick around, give me a chance. I might also just surprise you and come up with the Greatest Story Ever Told.